Horrifying Justin Bieber Plastic Surgery

While a lot of people are looking forward to a future when Justin Bieber officially becomes a train wreck, going on drug induced breakdowns, followed by a comeback attempt complete with rejuvenating his aging, alcohol ravaged  mug… you may not have to wait any longer to see what this mess will look like! Toby Sheldon of Los Angeles (where else?) has spent $100,000 trying to make himself look like Justin Bieber. The 33 year old man has spent the last five years of his life trying to become the ultimate Bielieber (don’t worry I have vomit in my mouth too.) Take a look at the “stunning” before and after shots!



“Baby, baby, baby, NO!” (Sorry, had to.)  I’m not sure what’s more horrifying: the fact he is altering his appearance to look like Bieber or the fact that a person who was able to earn and / or acquire an extra $100,000 chose to spend it this way. What ever happened to a good old fashioned coke habit? That would be more respectable then doing THIS to your body. Sheldon has reportedly gone under the knife for face fillers, a chin reduction and eyelid surgery. It all started when his hair began thinning at the age of 23 and he got hair implants, leading to his plastic surgery obsession. Well at least it all paid off, oh wait, never mind, that’s right, this is what Justin Bieber looks like:


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Sadly, the once arguably handsome young fellow looks more like Joan Rivers than The Biebs. Nothing screams 19 year old pop heartthrob like a stretched out “plastic surgery face.” You know the look; ask your dad’s third ex-wife.


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As wild as this story sounds, Sheldon can’t even claim title of craziest plastic surgery look alike aspirations. Remember the woman who had tons of plastic surgery in order to more closely resemble a Barbie doll? Ah! (Yeah, I know you probably still would.)


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You have to feel somewhat bad for Toby Sheldon, especially considering there is a dude, Robin Verrecas of Belgium that looks almost exactly like Bieber naturally! (Look alike is on the right.)


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And while it’s fun to mock people who have voluntarily morphed and disfigured their own bodies into these monstrosities, let’s not knock it until you try it. I for one am saving up so that I can have plastic surgery to look like one of my all-time heroes… Emmy winning actor Paul Giamatti!

Who would you hack your face up to look like?


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