Just What In Tarnation Is Redneck Heaven?

Redneck Heaven is a sports bar and restaurant chain located in Texas, staffed by scantily clad women. This type of restaurant is also referred to by the clever moniker “breasturaunt. The tagline for Redneck Heaven is “restaurant – bar – sports – mischief”.


Redneck Heaven first opened its doors in 2005 at its first location in Lewisville, TX. A second location then opened in Fort Worth, and a third in Arlington. Their business model can be summed up as booze, boobs, sports, and more booze. Redneck Heaven is similar to other breastaurants, dishing out raunchy fun and only somewhat edible food with great drink specials. In keeping with the redneck theme, the Redneck Girls are considerably more low-brow in their shenanigans, making Hooters girls look positively modest by comparison. In true Texas style, the Redneck Heaven atmosphere is unapologetically loud, and raucous. Big portions and big beers are par for the course with loud music and TVs blaring. Definitely not a great date spot, but a perfect location to cut loose with the boys. Redneck Heaven “virgins” (those who admit to being there for their first time) are often lined up and spanked with a belt in front of a cheering crowd. It’s not official policy of course, but many of the girls will also allow an extra pat or squeeze from a patron for a bigger tip. Even while all of this goes down, this place still has the balls to have a kids menu, too.

The Redneck Heaven Girls

You’re seriously complaining about service from a waitress wearing a bikini made of candy? GTFO.

The Redneck Girls are practically local legends when it comes to their reputation for wearing very little. Previously, Redneck Heaven was famous for its “ABC” dress-up nights, ABC standing for “anything but clothes”. Typical wear for ABC night was skimpy bikini bottoms, pasties, and body paint. When complaints came in (from the boobie police obvs), Redneck Heaven was the catalyst that caused the city of Lewisville TX to redefine nudity. City ordinance is now clarified that pasties and body paint do not constitute clothing. Bummer.

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Redneck Heaven Girls on ABC Night

Lest you think being forced to cover up has taken any of the fun out of Redneck Heaven, never fear. The painted on bikinis have been replaced with tiny bikinis that look painted on. Certain days are theme dress-up days such as school girl, black tie, and lingerie. Also be sure to come by for “bikini Mondays” and Thursday “bike night” for sexy biker girls. When they’re not serving with a smile, the Redneck Heaven girls often do choreographed line dances around the bar (and on it). Shake that ass for the tip, ladies!

Food & Drinks

The menu consists of your typical bar faire – wings, burgers, and various fried things. The fried pickles are almost universally beloved. Reviews for Redneck Heaven range from angry and 1 star for people who expect great customer service from barely legal girls in lingerie to totally satisfied 5 stars from customers who know exactly what they’re getting and know how to have fun. Pro tip: If you’re going to a place like Redneck Heaven for the food, you’re doing it wrong.

What would a true redneck heaven be without Happy Hour? Redneck Heaven has some kind of Happy Hour and special every day of the week, including all day on Tuesdays. There’s even a special on PBR on Sundays – 25 cents each before noon. Yes, before noon. God Bless America! The list of alcohol available at Redneck Heaven is extensive; whatever your preference for beer or spirits, you sure won’t leave disappointed (or sober).

Any mention of Redneck Heaven’s drink menu would be remiss if it didn’t touch upon their signature cocktail – the Minnow Bomb. The Minnow Bomb is, much to PETA’s dismay, a shot of the alcohol of your choice with a live minnow in it. Yeah, you read that correctly. Check it out —


Redneck Heaven Gets Its Own TV Show – Big Tips Texas

If you can’t visit in person, you can catch all the action and then some on MTV’s show Big Tips Texas, which follows the stories of several of the girls as they navigate the good times and the drama of being a member of the Redneck Heaven sisterhood.

Big Tips Texas Cast

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Typhani – A Redneck Girl who worked her way up the ladder to head of the marketing department.
[[contentId: 2526378| alt: | data-allowvote: false| style: width: 233px; height: 350px;]]
Amber – A veteran Redneck Girl who causes trouble as her alter ego Sexy Kitty.
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Claire – Another Redneck Heaven veteran known as Dallas’ sexiest bartender.
[[contentId: 2526380| alt: | data-allowvote: false| style: height: 350px; width: 233px;]]
Sabrina – A Redneck Heaven veteran with big plans to attend Harvard Law.
[[contentId: 2526381| alt: | data-allowvote: false| style: width: 233px; height: 350px;]]
Kristyn – Working at Redneck to make money to get her fashion line off the ground.
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Morgan – Earning money to make her dreams of becoming a rodeo queen come true.
[[contentId: 2526383| alt: | data-allowvote: false| style: width: 251px; height: 350px;]]
Mimi – Pint sized girl with biiiiig attitude saving up her tips for college tuition.
[[contentId: 2526384| alt: | data-allowvote: false| style: width: 525px; height: 350px;]]
Jillian – The city girl from Chicago having a blast working at Redneck Heaven.
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Macy – Gun toting country girl straight from the farm.
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Mercedez – Jillian’s city girl BFF who hates the outdoors but loves making money.

“To our weaves, and to being best friends!” – Redneck Heaven Girls toast