Did The FBI Frame Juggalos?

In what may be a conspiracy to rival the JFK shooting, news out of Portland, Oregon suggests that someone, some nefarious evil doer, has it in for the Juggalo nation.  But who?  Who could be so sinister?

Some background; Portland is like hipster Ground Zero and seems to be nothing but quaint sweaters and artisanal cheeses these days.  But Juggalos are spread far and wide, and even amidst the hipster paradise of Portland there are a few painted faces shouting the anthems of their beloved Insane Clown Posse.  Only now someone has begun spreading posters around town threatening hipster businesses at the behest of a mysterious Juggalo Family.

Responsible Juggalos around the nation were quick to go to the official juggalo Facebook page to defend themselves and deny responsibility.  Real Juggalos don’t act like this, they claim.  They’re a family, they’re good and responsible people, they’re not rabble rousers and trouble makers.  Here’s what some said on Facebook;

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Yes, the FBI topped the list there.  And didn’t the FBI recently declare Juggalos a gang, on par with the mafia, Hells Angels or the Yakuza?  Aren’t Juggalos inexplicably on watch lists for being dangerous to anything other than Faygo and themselves.  Yes, it seems like the FBI has a real hate on for the Family, this carefree bunch of music and fun loving go-getters.

Whoever it may be, know that peace loving Juggalos everywhere will not stand for this heresy. 

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