Juggalo Loses Arm After Roommates Try To Burn Off His ICP Tattoo

thezakw by thezakw on Aug. 08, 2014

Oh, Juggalos, your knowledge of the human body can only be matched by your curiosity of magnets.

(Is it just me or does the guy on the left look like the guy from Smash Mouth.)

Roommates and amateur surgeons Paul Hurst (left, 33) and Carey Edwards (right, 35) were arrested for attempted murder and assault on fellow roommate Zachary Swanson after he allegedly disgraced the Insane Clown Posse. Hurst and Edwards attempted to carve off the ICP tattoo on Swanson’s right arm, saying he no longer deserved it. After several attempts failed, they covered his arm with flammable liquid and set it on fire, or as it is more commonly referred to, a Juggalo handshake.

The incident started when Hurst and Edwards confronted Swanson over apparently mistreating his girlfriend, Carey Edwards’ sister. Defending a Juggaho’s honor, they sound like sweet fellas.

Swanson was rushed to the hospital where his arm had to be amputated below the elbow. As if being burned alive wasn't enough, the two suspects had also beaten the hell out of their buddy with a "stick-like" weapon. In the end, the victim received eleven broken ribs, brain bleeding, liver lacerations, and several fractures. Swanson’s Hootie and the Blowfish tattoo, however, remains untouched.

Any flowers or cases of Faygo can be sent to the Baltimore burns center.

The Juggalos have been battling the FBI and Justice Department over whether they constitute as a gang or not. I think it's safe to go ahead and make a judgement call on that one.

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source: Delmarvanow

Ty-McPherson-288 User

In all honesty, no one deserves to be beaten like that. Regardless of what was said or done, no one here knows the whole story. On top of that, saying he deserved it means you missed the point - which is that a couple of sick morons took justice into their own hands and could have killed him. Which is wrong. Point blank period.

MikeB302 User

Couple of morons.. And over a crappy, HORRIBLE band.

Juggalosers.... Yep

Darlene-Lang-873 User

mistreating his girlfriend? i am sure it was more than mistreatment to get these guys to react like this...he most likely deserved it!

Geepa53 UserTop Commenter

Sweet story!

whatinitheworld User

The dude must have done something really bad to get those two fine gentlemen's wrath... maybe he used the girlfriend's make-up?

spongebobmaybe User

i need to know what he did to the guy's sister before I can make my judgment. If it turns out to be that it was a family dispute and they just happen to listen to icp than i completely understand why icp is pissed they are looked at as a gang.

purfusdotcom User

Depending on what he did to the girl I may not be opposed.  

thezakw User

@whatinitheworld No self respecting Juggalo wears pink and white makeup. Blue and white or red and white, sure, but pink? Clown-man's gotta have his standards.

Todd-Spence moderator User

@purfusdotcom It must have been Juggalo bad, not normal person bad considering they only wanted the tattoo removed.