Joyce Carol Oates Condemns Killing Of “Jurassic Park” Dinosaur In Twitter Fail

The iconic 77-year old Pulitzer Prize nominated author and Princeton University professor, Joyce Carol Oates came out on Twitter yesterday as a friend of the dinosaurs.

A lover of creatures big and small she wants to make sure that all triceratops, like the one pictured in the tweet she responded to, have conservation laws protecting them. If only there was a park open that could safely house these Jurassic era animals. Unfortunately for Oates dinosaurs like the triceratops died out and went extinct 65 million years ago. It appears that Oates thought she was looking at a picture of a large game poacher posing with his hunting trophy, the type of real photo which has recently caused outrage.

Wooly Mammoth hunting is wrong.

In reality it was Oscar winning director Stephen Spielberg posing on the set of his 1993 classic Jurassic Park with an animatronic dinosaur. Whoops!

That son of a bitch.

A stunned Internet responded swiftly and justly to this epic, Tyrannosaurus rex sized fail for the eons.

The internet will find away:

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This isn’t the first time that the photo of Spielberg next to his triceratops “hunting trophy” has fooled someone on the internet.  Last July the photo went viral after Facebook commenters expressed similar outrage as Oates against triceratops hunting. Playing off of this past incident the whole thing could very well turn out to be some sort of viral marketing stunt for the new Jurassic World movie which opens Friday.  

Dinosaurs aren’t so innocent; why should we want to conserve them, Joyce?

My favorite aspect of this story is that (assuming she wasn’t having an LOL herself) an old lady on Twitter mistook a photo of a movie triceratops for either an elephant or a rhinoceros and commenters are using this to justify their personal stance against environmentalism and science. “SEE! Told ya! This conservationist lady made a fail THEREFORE all science is WRONG and DUMB!” Although that does makes sense; if you are not a fan of science the whole cause and effect thing would be lost on you as well.

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Source: Salon