‘Fantastic Four’ Director Says Fox Ruined His Movie, Deletes Angry Tweet

Film fanatics all over the world thought the same thing when they found out Fantastic Four would be getting the reboot treatment; WHY? And then the cast was announced which was met with another similar statement by all; WHO? Well finally the film’s reviews are coming in and it’s pretty much what you would expect–not very good. Some critics have even written that the movie is so bad, it feels like it’s missing a reel of film entirely. Well the movie’s director Josh Trank is prepared to NOT take any of the blame, pointing the finger at the studio that funded the project to begin with, 20th Century Fox.

Trank even tweeted a comment regarding the terrible reviews the film is receiving but eventually deleted his statement after realizing how bad it must’ve looked. But truth be told, he’s just as put off by the movie as much as the audience.

Welcome to the studio life, Josh Trank. You know a movie isn’t worth your $13.50 when the director writes how much it sucks for all to see. But aside from Trank’s personal review of his own film, right now Fantastic Four rests on Rotten Tomatoes at a nice 10% which is pretty awful. It might actually go lower by the time this article is posted. Not to mention every review of the film in agreement that it’s just a waste of your time.

Of course this isn’t the first time a filmmaker has called shenanigans when it comes to their film being meddled with by a studio, and it certainly won’t be the last but at least we know there’s a reason why the executives at Marvel seem to know what they’re doing. And why Sony and Fox should really just for the love of God sell the Marvel properties they own back to Marvel.

I don’t want to ruin your excitement any further if you’re one of the three people really into seeing the film this weekend, but you actually might be better off renting Rise of the Silver Surfer again instead. Or just nothing at all. Ehhh probably nothing at all.