A Pizza Man Was Stabbed And Carjacked, But Still Made His Delivery

Josh Lewis, a pizza delivery driver in Louisville, was just doing his job making a routine drop off with some delicious pies from Spinelli’s Pizzeria, but was suddenly stabbed and carjacked. But that didn’t stop Lewis from making his delivery in a timely manner. According to Spinelli’s Pizzeria manager Willow Rouben, the 25-year-old college student was making a delivery to Norton Hospital when the attack happened just right outside of the building. Talk about both bad and good luck at once.

“It’s surreal. I can’t believe it happened to him,” said Rouben. “Believe it or not, he got his pizzas delivered and collapsed in the ER.”
So let’s get this straight: this young man delivered some pizzas with stab wounds and then went on to bring himself to the ER? That is some hardcore dedication. For all working college students complaining about your job, take note of Lewis’s story, and then put things into perspective.

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Lewis was then taken into surgery with a collapsed lung. Rouben says that they are praying for him and just want him to be okay, trying to figure out a way to help Lewis and his family. He literally risked his life to deliver pizzas so he deserves, at the least, a raise or reward of some kind. Whatever he receives, he should get employee of the century if that’s even a thing.

First and foremost, we just have to make sure Lewis gets well and is okay – and that they catch the jerk who stabbed him. He is described as a male in his 40s. He drove off with Lewis’ vehicle which is described as a black Jeep Cherokee with gold racing stripes and light blue trim. It has Michigan tags with the number CDY6122. So if you are in the Louisville, Kentucky area and have any information call 502-574-LPMD.

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source: WLKY