Emma Watson And Cast Post First Pic From The Making Of ‘Beauty And The Beast’

After the success of Alice In Wonderland followed by this year’s Cinderella, Disney is starting to really roll out the live action film adaptations for their more classic feature length cartoons. They’ve already announced Dumbo and Pinocchio will head into live action adaptation but Beauty and the Beast is where the next billion dollar profit will come from and it has formed one helluva cast already. Starring Josh Gad (Le Fou), Emma Watson (Belle), Kevin Kline (Belle’s father), Luke Evans (Gaston), Dan Stevens (Beast) and even Ian McKellan. Today was the cast’s first table read and Josh Gad posted to his instagram account a group photo (McKellan excluded).

Check it out here.

With the caption “Can’t wait for you to be our guest”, I have to say I’m actually pretty interested in this live action version. Upon the release of Disney’s 1991 cartoon version, the film went on to get a Best Picture nomination which had never been accomplished by an animated film before. Disney has a lot of animated classics, but Beauty and the Beast is one that somehow set itself a part from the rest. The film went on to win Best Original Score and Best Song for “Beauty and the Beast”. Speaking of that song, Emma Thompson will be playing Mrs. Potts in this film version.

Ian McKellan (who is playing Cogsworth) also tweeted out a nod to the cast’s table read with a pretty amazing description of his experience.  Here’s the lengthy message he posted:

This version of the fairy tale will be directed by Bill Condon and hit theaters in 2017.

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