5 Other Characters Josh Brolin Should Play Instead Of Thanos In Avengers 2

Now that the news is out that Josh Brolin will be playing Thanos, the evil supervillain in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, everyone seems to be quick to celebrate.  Sure, Brolin is a good actor but he’ll be covered in so much makeup it’ll be hard to tell the difference.  Also, Brolin hasn’t had such a great run with comic book characters in the past (*ahem, Jonah Hex?) so it seems he has too much going against him for this to be something we could all get behind as fans of the Avengers.

So before the ink dries on that Marvel contract, we have a few other roles we think Josh Brolin would be best suited for when it comes to the new Avengers sequel.

1. Josh Brolin should play Stan Lee

Think about it, it’d be the role of a lifetime.  Brolin would be a shoe-in for an Academy Award and we’d finally be able to give “Stan Lee” a little bit more limelight in these Marvel movies besides just tossing him a bone to play a door man. Also, with Brolin as Stan lee, a sex scene between Lee and Widow wouldn’t hurt either.

2. Josh Brolin should play The President Of The United States (of America)

He’s already played the President once before.  Albeit not well, but nonetheless, this would be a great opportunity for him to redeem himself from that terrible Oliver Stone movie.  And you know “The President” will make an appearance somewhere in Avengers 2.  I mean, how else are we to know that things are getting really out of hand in the movie unless the President is alerted?  Also a sex scene between Obama and Widow wouldn’t hurt either.

3. Josh Brolin should play The Hulk

This just feels right. Think about it, Mark Ruffalo could continue to play Bruce Banner and instead of handing over the actual HULK character to CG artists, we throw Brolin into a latex suit and problem solved!  Just like in the days of the original television series starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno where two actors played the seperate characters, we apply the same casting logic here!  Brilliant. 

4. Josh Brolin should play Neil DeGrasse Tyson

After wrecking New York City, the only other way to up the catastrophe ante is to take the big battle into outer space.  And what better referee for a fight in space than Neil DeGrasse Tyson (played by Josh Brolin).  Sure, having Tyson himself in the role would make way more sense, but we’d bet Brolin would love the chance to play an African American Scientist.  Also, a sex scene between Tyson and Widow wouldn’t hurt either.

5. Josh Brolin should play a Thermos, not Thanos.

This is clearly the winner here. And we’ve already added the Access Hollywood logo to save the entertainment media journalists some time.  Just think, the toy franchise alone would be amazing and it’d be a great sidekick/prop for Iron Man to bicker with. Joss Whedon, you’re welcome. Hope this helps.

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