Grandma Calls Cops On Couple’s Beach Sex But Recorded The Whole Thing First

In Bradenton Beach, Florida, Elissa Alvarez (20) and Jose Caballero (39) thought to take the day and enjoy some beach activities. The activities mainly included banging the hell out of each other while families looked on.

Unfortunately for Emily Hall and her 4-year-old daughter, they were mere feet away from the hot and heavy activity before realizing the couple wasn’t just wrestling.

Another bystander, a grandmother who had lived in the area since 1978, decided to do something about it herself and recorded the event with her cell phone.

She said once they finished they took a dip in the water, had what looked like a nap, and then began to get right back into it. And that’s when the cops got a call. The grandmother who didn’t give her name to the press then handed over the video.

Now, the question I have is how long does it take for people to want to put a stop to a couple banging on the beach next to their kids. You would think that right when it started, the cops would’ve been there in 5 minutes. I mean, it is Florida, squad cars are all over the place. But these people allowed them to do the nasty, have a swim, take a nap, and start round two.. Kids or no kids, I don’t wanna see people get diddled on the beach, especially for 25 minutes. Also I think most people would enjoy putting a douchey bodybuilder/personal trainer and a 20-year-old chick in their place.

The couple was then arrested and later released on $7,500 bond. They’re due in court on August 8th where we hope they will clear the judge’s bench and get-to-bangin’.

Oh, and about that video that the grandmother recorded, well here it is in this news clip from FOX. So how long would it take you to call the police if you were in this situation?