Outraged PC Police Think Student Who Jokingly ‘Lynched’ Friend Should Be Lynched

A Snapchat photo that showed a black high school student being ‘lynched’ with a rope by his white friend is causing PC outrage in Alabama and across the country. It also caused the two boys to be kicked off the football team and suspended from Curry High School; they will have to finish their senior year at an alternative school.

According to Jordan’s mother, he’s also received death threats since posting the picture.

Bad joke? Sure. But does the punishment fit the crime?

Wade Sturgeon, the African American student in the photo, and his friend Jordan have been friends since elementary school. They are just teens who posted something stupid on social media – but now they are suffering the consequences.

“I know there have been some very negative things said about Jordan but my son was standing there just the same as Jordan. Jordan didn’t force Wade to do it, Wade didn’t force Jordan to do it, nobody forced the kid to take the picture. It is something that happened, it was stupid, it was very ignorant on all three parts but they are 17-year-old kids and they have a lot of mistakes left to make yet,” said Carol Spurgeon, Wade’s mother.