Katy Perry Is Really JonBenet Ramsey? Conspiracy Theorists Say Absolutely

Personally, it’s a little too late in the week to start getting people to believe that Katy Perry is actually JonBenet Ramsey. That’s like trying to prove where Jimmy Hoffy’s body is buried right before you go to bed. BUT, nevertheless, we are fascinated with what conspiracy theorists are saying is a no brainer and the “evidence” they’re submitting to prove it.

There are actually a ton of theorists that believe this to be true, but one in particular seems to prove the theory the best with this youtube video uploaded in 2014 which is now back in recirculation (if it ever was to begin with). Their proof? A lot of “face blending”. That’s right, put one face over the other and if they look real similar, they are in fact the same person. It’s science, people.

via Dave Johnson’s detective work.


The video goes on to also “face blend” JonBenet’s parents with Katy Perry’s parents’ faces while playing recordings of JonBenet’s recital performances, as if to really drive home the fact that Ramsey sung as a child, and Katy Perry is a professional singer, so why WOULDN’T they be the same person?

Of course when you start to look at actual facts like Katy Perry’s birthdate vs. JonBenet Ramsey’s, their ages are already off but maybe that’s just a part of the ruse to trick people into thinking these two people aren’t the same person. We’re onto you, Perry.

But Johnson isn’t the only person to think of this theory is solid.

“Jungle Surfer” uploaded his theories to youtube in April of last year, but again, most of the “theories” are just “Hey, their eyebrows are super similar!” Not a whole lot of meat you can go off of with a claim like that, but hey, call me hard-headed.

So what do you think? Is JonBenet Ramsey and Katy Perry the same person or should we just call it a day and find the nearest Happy Hour somewhere?