Jon Stewart’s Last Daily Show Is Tonight So Arby’s Bid Him Farewell In Tribute

While fans and foes alike are reminiscing about the 16 year run of Jon Stewart as host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, you would think that one institution in particular would be super happy to see the liberal, political comedian take a hike. Stewart made a career out of skewing the likes of George W. Bush, Fox News and America’s pop culture and politics, however one seemingly innocuous business also received his wrath: Arby’s. No, Arby’s isn’t some new terrorist group hell bent on destroying the country; we are talking about the fast food chain that serves up roast beef sandwiches. Though, according to Stewart in an ongoing gag Arby’s might be guilty of destroying your colon. “Arby’s why not challenge your stomach to a fight!”

Arby’s: you are not going to find those F’s you don’t give between the bun!

While tributes are pouring in, good guy Arby’s took out a commercial on the penultimate episode of the Jon Stewart hosted Daily Show on Wednesday night and paid tribute to all the disgusting things he said about their food. They sarcastically thanked him for “being a friend.”

[[contentId: 2878350| | size: 75]]

Stewart would probably be impressed by a big corporation that can take a joke; also this was probably a smart move with lots of added publicity. I don’t think anyone who is fan of fast food would care; I myself am really hungry for an Arby’s Beef and Cheddar… which would probably anger the people of North Korea who would ask:  “Out of all of the options for food you have in America and you chose to eat here!?”

So go grab some roast beef and tell us your own Arby’s disses:

Arby’s: when the nice people give you some change to buy lunch.

Arby’s: when you have worked up a hunger from stuffing a prostitute in the trunk of your car and nothing else is open.

Arby’s: because you want a slow and painful suicide.

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Source: EW