Watch The First Time Jon Stewart Hosted The Daily Show Back In 1999.

Look at the size of that TV!

Yesterday Jon Stewart announced that he is leaving The Daily Show, the last in what seems like a long trend of talk show host changes. Letterman leaving Late Night, Colbert leaving Colbert and now Stewart. It almost seems like Stewart has been hosting the show for just a few years, but would you believe that he’s been on Comedy Central for seventeen? Mind-blowing, I know. His first year on the show was in 1999, back when people didn’t need HD televisions.

So let’s take a look back at baby-faced Jon Stewart after taking The Daily Show hosting duties way back in the late 90’s.

Nothing makes me feel more old than seeing a Comedy Central clip with the old, dated Comedy Central logo. Good Lord, we’ve grown old. And so has Stewart, so one can’t blame the guy for wanting to move on and maybe try something new for a change (he did just direct his first feature film afterall).

It seems like Stewart has covered every important historical moment in recent memory like Clinton’s impeachment trial, 9/11 and many more. But it was Stewart’s coverage of himself on The Daily Show last night that has a lot of people talking about how important Stewart was to the show itself. Not to mention keeping political media balanced.

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You’ve done good work, Jon. I’ll now cherish your final months as host before Amy Poehler takes over. Just a guess.

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