Celebrate Jon Lovitz’s Birthday With 5 Of His Best SNL Characters

Today is comedian Jon Lovitz birthday, and we here at Break would like to extend a happy birthday greeting as he turns 57.

Jon Lovitz as The Devil is considered by many to be one of the greatest SNL Characters of all time. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Mike Myers recently said Lovits is one of the funniest people he has ever met. That’s a pretty strong compliment coming from someone like Myers who has worked with some of the greatest comedians of the past thirty years. Myers said:

After Phil Hartman died (and Jon was very close to Phil), we went to the informal wake. I wandered around saying ‘Can you believe Phil is dead? Can you believe he was shot with a gun?’ And Jon said, ‘Oh, come on, you’re making it sound worse than it was.’

What’s weird is that this is Jon Lovitz’ leg. #YeahThat’sTheTicket

Lovitz was a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1985 – 1990. He created a gaggle of smarmy characters including The Liar, Annoying Man and The Devil. He was one of two cast members during the eleventh season of SNL not to get fired, and was brought back for the 12th season. The Liar’s catchphrase, ““Yeah, that’s the ticket,” is the perfect punctuation to any sarcastic remark. For example:

“This article on Break is one of the finest and most informative, yet humorous pieces of literature on the internet today. Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

It should be up there with “That’s what she said” as a cultural milestone.

With that in mind, here are some of Jon Lovitz’ best performances from SNL.

The Liar

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Master Thespian

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The Annoying Man

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The Devil

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Hanukkah Harry

Bonus: Wilson Trap Doors

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