Fans Were Visiting The ‘Full House’ House And Didn’t Notice John Stamos (PHOTO)

When you go visit any sort of landmark from television or film, seeing a star from that particular piece of pop culture is pretty much never going to happen, but oddly enough it’s starting to become a trend. Recently kids visiting the Rocky steps in Philadelphia were caught off guard when Rocky himself was there in attendance to hang out with some fans. Very cool. So when fans visiting the Full House house in San Francisco were taking pictures of the iconic home, they were graced by Uncle Jesse’s presence who just happened to be hanging out.

Unfortunately for them, they failed to realize he was even there.

With the hashtag #TURNAROUND, the more hilarious part is John Stamos himself caught the moment and posted to his personal instagram account. Amidst the humor, he does have a point. As the theme song states, it’s everywhere you look. Personally, I don’t know how you don’t spot John Stamos, especially anywhere near a place where your Full House sensors are going full throttle. The man hasn’t aged since he was 25.

As much as we enjoy a John Stamos spotting, seeing Dave Coulier with his Mr. Woodchuck puppet putting on a show on the front steps would’ve been cool too.

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