John Oliver Takes On Tobacco With #JeffWeCan Campaign

On Last Week, Tonight with John Oliver, Oliver took on a topic that I thought was pretty much dead; Big Tobacco!  Big Tobacco? What is this 1993? Where are you even allowed to smoke anymore? The back alley of an abandoned truck stop? However he pointed something out that was pretty wild. While obviously adult smoking rates have dropped significantly in the United States over the past few decades, tobacco companies are as profitable as ever. Even if you are a huge smoker yourself, you could look around and question how that makes sense right? Watch his full explanation and take down of the tobacco industry here:

Since the American tobacco companies have lost their influence in the States, in the past decade they have concentrated their efforts to other parts of the world. These mainly include much smaller, impoverished nations that cannot afford to fight legal battles against the tobacco companies if they want to place health warning labels on the packaging, restrict advertising (such as how tobacco products can no longer be advertised on television in the US) or where they can be sold (proximity to schools and targeting children).  Pretty smart stuff.

That’s why as he reveals in the above video John Oliver has created a new mascot “for tobacco companies to use” that also incorporates health warning labeling; Jeff The Diseased Cowboy Hat Wearing Lung! He has already sent Jeff to countries like Togo that are targeted by American Tobacco companies so he will be there waiting for them to use; for free!

As we all know these types of big government nanny state campaigns never work, which is why the last 50 years of increased smoking regulations have decreased adult smoking rates from 43 percent to 18 percent.

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Oliver wants Jeff to become the official mascot of Marlboro and encourages you to tweet him out with the hashtag #JeffWeCan


Does anyone still believe that smoking doesn’t cause cancer? I guess if you are paid enough?

Source: Deadline

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