Politican Wears Nothing But A Gun Holster For His Campaign Posters

Denmark is holding elections to find their newest Prime Minister on June 18th and we think we’ve found our favorite out of all of the people running. Frankly, we have no idea who else is running and why would we after finding out about John Erik Wagner and his campaign posters showing off his little Wagner. This guy is either insane or just the best kind of prankster.

With a slogan that translates to English, it reads “Vote For Wagner. It benefits”, the politician is no stranger to pulling wacky stunts in the name of politics with this poster being his most famous achievement. But does it get his views across? A few of what Wagner would like to achieve, in the case he’s ever elected to office is give citizens a six month vacation for every six months that they work, as well as making health and dental care free. Wagner also has a youtube channel, however we can’t understand anything seeing as we don’t speak Danish, but we do know that most of his videos are of the political nature.

Whether the guy is serious or not, it seems he’s genuinely making a run for Prime Minister on June 18th. That is if you don’t run from his package first.