John Cleese And Piers Morgan Had A Blowout Fight On Twitter This Morning

Forget Mayweather and Pacquiao, the online brawl between John Cleese and Piers Morgan this morning had everyone on the edge of their seats because the two began to pull some real punches, mainly from Morgan’s end of things, throwing out mentions of Cleese’s ex-wives and how Cleese hasn’t been funny in years. But why did it all come to this? 

Apparently Cleese and Morgan were at the same restaurant in New York and Morgan made a remark in the press how Cleese didn’t recognise him (or so as Cleese thought until Morgan corrected him). Cleese being as honest as they come tweeted that he in fact did recognise Morgan, but decided to not say hello because he’d rather not talk to someone he “truly detests”.

After Cleese’s remark gained popularity, Morgan decided to jump in and reply. And what a reply it was. This is why Twitter is so amazing, folks.

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Morgan’s big guns came out mentioning Cleese’s ex-wives presumably after Morgan noticed Cleese’s second tweet regarding alleged phone hacks. And that’s when Morgan decided to aim at Cleese’s career.

With Cleese taking somewhat the high road by comically thanking Morgan for increasing the amount of favorites from his original tweet, Morgan decided to take a jab at Cleese’s film career, one that’s obviously at icon status and couldn’t be topped even by the funniest man on earth. Morgan however goes on to mention Entourage as his 7th movie in 4 years. How on earth Morgan could ever compare Entourage: The Movie with ANY of Cleese’s work proves his just batsh*t insane with ego.

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With Cleese making one final ribbing at Morgan’s legal woes, Morgan takes one last stab at Cleese’s history with divorce. So who won? CLEESE, ALL THE WAY. Cleese clearly could not give two sh*ts about Piers Morgan as stated by his first tweet, has been in multiple cult classic television shows and films, nominated for an Academy Award and is of legendary comedic status. Suck it, Morgan.