Guess What This Man Wearing An “I Have Drugs” Tshirt Was Arrested For

It’s one thing for a 50-year-old guy to wear an “I have drugs” tshirt, but it’s another if the 50-year-old wears the tshirt while actually carrying drugs. This will not look good on your LinkedIn account, sir.

John Balmer of Florida decided to sport this super hilarious tshirt when cops finally took notice and stopped Balmer to search him. Amazingly enough, Balmer was carrying not only marijuana but meth as well. Bingo!

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Apparently Balmer was at his local K-Mart when he noticed police heading toward him. He had a green bag filled with “leafy green substance” that he tried pawning off to someone behind him in line, but the stranger refused. I can only imagine what that stranger was thinking when Balmer tried handing them a bag filled pot. But then again, that’s the least random thing to have ever happened in a Florida K-Mart.

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source: Metro