Hackers Release Email Revealing Joel McHale’s Request For An $8000 TV

Hackers known as Guardians of Peace are continuing to release personal emails from Sony Executives demanding for the stopped release of Sony’s Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy The Interview. Since they don’t seem to be complying, a slew of personal emails are hitting the internet and today is no exception and it involves Joel McHales semi-pathetic at a request to get a new (and very expensive) Sony TV on discount. An $8,000 65″ TV to be exact.

To be fair, McHale had just found out that Community was getting cancelled from NBC (pre-Yahoo.com pickup for another season) so he probably thought may as well go for broke with Sony Executive Fayanne Kanner, who then emailed Steve Mosko who is President of Sony Pictures to get the okay. I’m personally not much of a Joel McHale fan and find his request for a discount TV to be a little slimey, but maybe that’s just me.

Read the awkward correspondance below:

Of course, McHale eventually got the TV for free anyway because no Sony Executive is going to waste time with discounts and credit card numbers. They have money to spend so just buy the thing and get him off our backs.

McHale even responded on twitter to the email hitting the internet by saying “U bet your sweet ass I want my employee discount! 4K’s r outstanding”. Obviously making light of his random request, but let’s be honest. The guy was on two network TV shows that pay him pretty well, so the one favor you ask a Sony Executive for is a television set? Seems a little ridiculous, and moreso just cheap to me.

But hey, I guess more power to him. He got his television set. Most of us are just lucky if we get free coffee at work.

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source: Business Insider