Joe Jackson Suffered A Stroke After Popping Three Viagras In Brazil

Joe Jackson, also known as Michael Jackson’s father who looks more like a black Inspector Gadget was in Brazil this week not because he was on a business trip, but because he had some real f*cking to do. Unfortunately his plans for sex with multiple women failed to follow through because he reportedly suffered a stroke after popping three viagra pills. That’s right, three. Two weeks ago, Jackson had travelled to Sao Paulo in order to celebrate his 87th birthday real propper like but on the night before his big day, he was taken to the hospital interrupting his evening of young lady bangin’.

Reports say he had three cardiac arrests. One lasting ten seconds, the other two lasting four seconds each. And despite his family and partying friends being worried about his health, the rest of the world is more than a little grossed out by the visual that Joe Jackson has to take so much viagra, it caused him to go into cardiac arrest. I don’t even think a corpse needs three viagra pills.

They’re already saying Jackson will recover just fine, which means we can all start the harsh joke parade on twitter because that’s what twitter is good for. And Joe Jackson, of all people, having a stroke after taking three viagras is the perfect recipe for some humor. The guy did famously torture his children into slave labor afterall.

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You can’t really top that last comment. Get well, Joe you insane bastard.