Joe Biden Asks Where His “Old Butt Buddy” Is

For some reason, when you become the vice president, you’re more than just the deciding vote in the Senate or next in line for the Presidency. You run a weird, tactical defense for the President by becoming a huge punchline. Dick Cheney did it for President Bush when he shot a guy in the face during a hunting trip. Al Gore did it for President Clinton when he claimed he invented the Internet. Dan Quayle did it for the first President Bush by, well, just being Dan Quayle. Vice President Joe Biden has filled that role nicely with his own special gift for poorly constructed thoughts and sentences and he may have topped himself yet again during a special he just gave in Iowa. 

He’s currently on a mini-speaking tour to push the President’s economic agenda and pretend that he’s not really interested in running against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination. During the speech, the Vice President noticed some familiar faces in the crowd including an old buddy named Neil Smith. Unfortunately, Biden took his phrasing a bit further and called him “his ol’ butt buddy.” A bunch of cameras were there to capture the moment so we could all enjoy Biden’s latest crime against vocabulary. 

To be fair, he probably meant to say something like his “ol’ best buddy” or something and we’ve all tripped up our words when we’re speaking off the cuff. However, Biden is like an artist with his tongue trips and unfortunate phrasings. He uses misspoken words and phrases the way that a sculptor uses clay or a painter uses watercolors on a canvas. We never thought we’d ever write a sentence like this but it can only get crazier after “ol’ butt buddy.” 



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