Jodie Sweetin Is Clearly The Only Reason To Watch ‘Fuller House’

“Hey, everyone! The Fuller House trailer is out,” screamed your facebook timeline. Sure, it’s kinda fun to see how the hell one would revive such a cult hit from the 90’s but let’s put that aside for a second and discuss Jodie Sweetin who helped intro the new trailer on the Ellen show today, along with co-stars Candice Cameron-Bure and Andrea Barber.

Yep, that’s a Fuller House alright. But more importantly; HELLO, JODIE SWEETIN. I can only image what the other two were thinking when they showed up in their Sunday’s best while Sweetin decided to rock a less demure look. But after a quick google search, she’s clearly been wanting to break out of the “cutesy” role she’s had to portray for so long, for some time now.

Of course now that she’s back in the role that gave her a more wholesome household name, and making the big time media rounds to promote the new show, she clearly wants to remind everyone that she’s not the Stephanie Tanner you remember as a kid. She’s Stephanie Tanner with her own full house going on.

Of course what she wears isn’t the only reminder she has given people in the past that she’s no longer the “How rude” quoting child star. She wrote a biography in 2009 admitting that she snorted meth at the premiere for one of the Olsen twins movie New York Minute. To be honest, we would probably have to do the same if we were in her shoes.

Regardless, thanks to her appearance on Ellen today, it’s good to see you back and looking, um, real healthy, Jodie.

Fuller House premieres on Netflix later this month.