Jodie Foster Joins Other Openly Gay Celebs

wcarter by wcarter on Jan. 15, 2013


When Jodie Foster walked on to the stage at the 2013 Golden Globes few people knew that she would actively come out as a gay woman. The 50 year old actress made waves when she openly alluded to her sexual orientation for the first time. But Foster is far from the first actor to come out in the limelight.


Ellen Degeneres came out on Oprah


Neil Patrick Harris came out in People Magazine.


Lance Bass came out in People as well.


So did Clay Aiken!


Zach Quinto came out in Out Magazine


Jim Parsons came out in the New York Times.


Rosie O’Donnell came out on stage in New York.


Anderson Cooper came out last summer in an email!


Rock Hudson never came out. But he's still a total badass.



Lance Armstong came out...... about his performance enhancing drug use to Oprah.