Joan Rivers Stopped Breathing During Surgery

81 year old comedian and Crypt Keeper body double Joan Rivers is currently in a New York hospital after she stopped breathing during a throat surgery procedure. Surprisingly she wasn’t there to get a cosmetic “throat tuck” but was having a legitimate medical issue with her vocal cords; the last thing in her body not to go under the knife.

Why so serious?

Originally the Fashion Police host was in critical condition, but has thankfully been upgraded to stable condition. – Stable condition, something we can’t say about her ever changing face. Boom; old lady with plastic surgery, BURN!

We can talk, but thankfully Joan can’t.

It’s never “too soon” for this old coot, so since we are going to have to do a memorial Joan Rivers article sooner rather than later we might as well get one out of the way now with this shoddy retrospective.

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Joan Rivers is like your grandmother who you have to remind at Thanksgiving dinner, “we don’t call them that anymore” – but she gets paid lots of money to get up on stage and talk like that to make people laugh. What do you think, is Joan funny or should she hurry up and die so we can recycle her face to make Coke bottles?

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