Joan Rivers Has Died

Comedian Joan Rivers has died. She was 81-years old.

Her passing was confirmed by her daughter Melissa earlier today. Rivers had been on life support since August 28th when she went into respiratory and cardiac arrest during vocal cord surgery.

Toward the end of her life, Rivers was best known for her work on E!, covering the red-carpet at various award shows. Her snarky commentary on celebrity fashion gained her many fans as well as many detractors. But regardless of how you felt about some of Rivers’ more mean-spirited (but often hilarious) work, the fact that she was a trailblazing female comic cannot be denied.

(Click here for a harsh look at some of Joan’s harshest jokes.)

In 1983, she became the first permanent guest host on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and later went on to host her own talkshow on Fox. This is an impressive achievement, even more so when considering female stand-up comedians were so rare at that time.


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