JJ Abrams Writes A Note To Those Leaking Star Wars Episode VII Photos

Todd-Spence by Todd-Spence on Jun. 04, 2014

I guess at this point, JJ Abrams is getting a little more press than what he bargained for this early in the Episode VII game with numerous leaked images already hitting the net in the first few weeks of production.  Just yesterday we saw construction had began on what could possibly be the Millenium Falcon (see those images HERE) as well as set (and creature) images from the production in the Abu Dhabi desert.  Not to mention the film's very own script supervisor took pictures of Abrams personal note to the crew and posting them online herself.  Oh, people.

Well it seems like Abrams has had enough and wanted to let everyone know it's not cool (in a playful way at least).  A few hours ago through Abrams' production company Bad Robot's twitter account, he posted a note for anyone listening.

This seems to say that those images from yesterday were indeed the Millenium Falcon.  At least that's how I'm reading it, wouldn't you?  Some people think that the production itself are leaking the images to at least hault anyone else from inevitably doing so, which is pretty smart. Especially since the leaked images aren't dealbreakers as far as causing any early judgement. I know if I were on set, it'd be hard to not snap a picture of Mark Hamill's wig. 

Also I can't help but wonder what type of space dart board they have that note pinned on.  Or maybe it's like a super futuristic garbage can lid with super futuristic garbage inside.  We can only dream.

UPDATED: Goes to show you how far my Star Wars knowledge takes me (not far), I've been informed that in the image is actually the game board from the Millenium Falcon.  Abrams, you sly son of a gun!

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Andrew Wardlow
Andrew Wardlow

Any leak was on purpose to create hype. Don't be fooled.

upgrade User

How do we know that's JJ there's no smoke monster, 8mm frame, visual effects what so ever?

Rob-Stanley-178 User

I'm gonna show my geek here. The table is called a Djarik table. Sort of like a holo-chess game.

urkkish User

Fake.  JJ didn't make that note, there's no lens flare.

KealGSeo User

Why does everyone still think things "leak". "Leaking" information is becoming an advertising tactic. Get over it people. Unless you hear that someone was fired or is getting sued for "leaking" it isn't a "leak" it's just advertising.

Christan Bush
Christan Bush

Then maybe, just maybe, he shouldn't have screwed Lost fans like he did. Still haven't forgiven him.

Jason Robison
Jason Robison

You CANT have episode VII without the Falcon. He was masterful remaking Star Trek. Hell pay homage I can assure you.


Everyone commenting is drunk.

Petieboy User

That is a pretty cool way to handle it.  I'm sure some "leaks" occur officially to keep interest piqued while others are shared with the public against nondisclosure agreements or some other type of contracts. Personal and professional integrity seem to be at an all time low.

John Brown
John Brown

I so wish he wasnt involved, wish Lucas wouldnt have sold. Im excited, but dont think it will be the same. Disappointed....invested too many years for it to all go south

Andulamb User

It's pretty clear that Abarms is saying "How dare you!" in jest while at the same time he's confirming what the photos have revealed. The Falcon WILL be in VII.

Bobaslaw User

Writing that note and putting it on the Holo Game Table is just classic!  LOL

Doofusroy User

It's the game table that R2D2 played against Chewy, with the little monsters that fight.

"Let the Wookie win!"

Knowlan User

The "dart board" is the table from the millenium falcon. They played some weird holographic board game on it in one of the original three movies, I believe. Also, I remember the table being inside a toy millenium falcon i had when I was a kid.

Jose-Canseco-636 User