Jimmy Kimmel Will Honor David Letterman’s Last Show With This Amazing Gesture

David Letterman re-wrote Late Night Comedy. After Carson made his exit, it was essentially down to Leno who carried out the same type of schtick with Letterman pushing the envelope and bringing in new, weird and often dry methods of humor like “Stupid Human Tricks” and “Will it float?” But unfortunately the times have changed, with Fallon taking the Late Night lead and every other host focusing more on viral “trendie” humor than good old fashioned original comedy. So Letterman is finally bowing out but not without one competitor’s respectful gesture.

On the night of Letterman’s final episode, which will air May 20th, Jimmy Kimmel has promised to air a re-run of his show Jimmy Kimmel Live. This may not seem like much, but with Kimmel being a self-described Letterman fanatic in his youth (he even had a “Late Night” birthday cake at one time), this is a huge gesture, especially with the money that is lost for a company when a show doesn’t go on air. Guaranteed, everyone that works for the show, especially the sponsors paying for ad time would prefer to have a fresh JKL episode that night, but Kimmel respects Letterman too much to compete with the man’s final episode. He’d rather let him have his moment to say goodbye, and rightfully so.


Fallon and Conan however are scheduled to air a brand new episode that night in competition with David Letterman’s final appearance.

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source: Deadline