Jimmy Kimmel Sports A Cool Robin Williams Tribute Underneath His Emmy Tuxedo

After everyone on television (even the VMA’s) paid a tribute to Robin Williams, it’s nice to know that some people aren’t ready to forget him just yet. Jimmy Kimmel just tweeted an image of he and his wife on their way to the Emmy awards with Jimmy showing off his tribute to the late comedian.

Nothing like sporting some rainbow suspenders to make a subtle, but not-so-subtle tribute to the Mork character that skyrocketed Robin Williams career.

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I have to say, that’s pretty amazing. After having worked at Jimmy Kimmel Live for a while, I can safely say that Kimmel is one cool dude and this just proves it moreso. As if him taking a subway instead of a limo to the Emmys didn’t say it already.

Billy Crystal is set to intro a tribute to Robin Williams on tonight’s Emmy broadcast where Jimmy Kimmel Live is nominated for Best Variety Show.

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source: ABCnews