Man Questioned By Police After Legally Carrying An AR-15 Rifle Through Airport

According to laws in Atlanta, Georgia, citizens have the right to carry a firearm through an airport but Jim Cooley decided he needed to bring out the big guns while picking up a young relative by carrying his AR-15 assault rifle on his chest like a regular G.I. Joe.

Airport security and police began to approach Jim Cooley asking him about the rifle when he began to immediately school them on how they don’t have the right to question him about his legal rights to carry a firearm in the airport, let alone ask him for any ID or detain him for doing nothing wrong. Jim, clearly prepared to be bothered by any law enforcemen,t began to record the conversations on his phone.

This officer approached Jim and seemed actually pretty nice in his questioning.

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Another female officer approached Jim moments later, still very nice, with Jim getting more aggravated but obliging to have a conversation about his AR-15.

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When the officer informed Jim that travellers were a little more than scared of a guy walking around with a semi-automatic rifle, Jim replied with “People’s fear are not my responsibility.”

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If you head to Mr. Cooley’s youtube channel where all of these videos were uploaded, you can see he’s a big fan of really stirring the pot. Cooley said that Atlanta police followed him out of the airport and took pictures of his truck as he left, never arresting or detaining him (which I’m sure he was kind of bummed out about).