This Jim Carrey Imposter Fooled Everyone During An Entire Awards Show

During the Oscars last Sunday, I would’ve paid any cost to have something at least mildly interesting to happen during the ceremony. I fell asleep twice. Luckily a Czech award show honoring films in their country received a really bizarre moment when a Jim Carrey impersonator walked the red carpet and even made an appearance on stage. The best part of this story is that no one made the realization until days later. Even after press had asked organizers of the Czech Lion Awards if it was really Jim Carrey, they confirmed that it was indeed him. But it really wasn’t. Obviously. I mean just look at him.

The man who is still anonymous even brought an interpreter to make the ruse more believeable. Lucky for us, there’s video of his first appearance on stage that night which was introduced by host Lucie Vyborna. He walks on stage and, well, it’s just really bizarre.

Jim Carrey, everyone!

Luckily organizers claim that did not pay for “Jim Carrey” to attend the event, or maybe that’s at least what they’re telling the press so they don’t look like complete fools. Apparently the event received a note from Carrey’s alleged management agency asking to attend the show and the organizers couldn’t resist a celebrity appearance such as Carrey. But instead they got what looks like his goofier looking cousin.

The show’s organizers had to finally admit that the royally screwed up by not only inviting a complete stranger to what is Europe’s equivelant to the Academy Awards, but luckily the guy didn’t hurt anyone or steal anything, at least that we know of. I do hope for his sake that he got to take home one of the gift bags for succesfully pulling off one of the funnier imposter stunts in a long time.

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source: Variety