Super Jet Could Fly From New York to London in Half an Hour

Old biplane flying.

Yes, you read that correctly. There is a supersonic jet in the works right now that could have you stepping out of a New York bar, onto a plane and then into a London pub, all in the amount of time it takes you to simply just board a normal passenger jet.

The Skreemr concept drawing.

This new creation is called The Skreemr – spelled that way because maybe “The Screamer” was already taken? – and it is being designed by a man named Charles Bombardier. Seriously, that’s his last name, so obviously had had to be involved in aviation. The Skreemr would carry about 75 passengers over the Atlantic in about 30 minutes or less. That’s faster than Wonder Woman‘s jet and it can carry more passengers.

Wonder Woman and her invisible jet

That all sounds awesome, right? “Sign me up!” you say.

Hold on there, Deathwish. Wait until you hear how this thing will get you from the Big Apple to Big Ben so quickly.

Bombardier claims that The Skreemr’s “takeoff” entails the craft being launched from a magnetic railgun at around Mach 4. Then after being launched from what essentially sounds like a madeup contraption, liquid oxygen rockets will kick up in order to get the craft going fast enough for the scramjet engine to start.

Yeah. Railguns and scramjets. And liquid oxygen. Maybe don’t cancel your Jet Blue flight just yet. And it gets better.

The scramjet engine then uses hydrogen and compressed oxygen (we have no idea what that is either) to hit Mach 10 — aka, 7,673 miles per hour. While this scramjet stuff is being tested by our military, there are concerns about converting this power to a jet that is carrying, you know, civilians simply flying to their cousin’s wedding.

Funny dog on a rocket GIF.

This has got to be a joke, right? It was pointed out that to be able to launch that fast, almost certainly everyone on board would pass out from the G’s. There are also some serious mixtures of highly explosive chemistry going on, so there’s that little fun fact.

We think we’d rather take our chances crossing the Atlantic on the Titanic.

But Bombardier thinks it’ll be all good in the hood. He recently wrote: “The Skreemr would be used as a commercial aircraft to fly from one continent to the next. It would fly five times faster than the Concorde….” That’s some Space Age optimism right there.

Even though this all might seem like a concept that won’t happen in our lifetime, there are several others out there working on supersonic commercial travel, like Richard Branson, that super fast Mach 1 train, and a rocket-powered unicycle.

That last one is gonna’ be awesome.