This School Teacher Now Makes Six Figures To Twerk For A Living

Welp, this is what it has come to for the teachers of the world.

22-year-old pre-Kindergarten school teacher Jessica Vanessa quit her job to follow her dream. It sounds pretty inspiring until you hear that she has gone from teaching to twerking for a living. Sounds pretty insane, right? Well the joke is on us all because she is now making in minutes what she would normally make in four months as a school teacher. Hard to tell if our society is caving in on itself or just getting smarter and more business saavy.

But of course the proof is in the pudding with Jessica’s new occupation as a professional twerker for the internet, regardless of how baffling it all is. See her in action with this profile on her career change below. Do you think she’s worth making six figures with her twerk moves?

Apparently her social media followers on Vine had been growing at such a rate (2 million and counting), companies decided to start offer Jessica some decent money for her to throw their products into her videos. Which aren’t all of her twerking, by the way.

This isn’t anything new for “viners” with big numbers, especially since it’s less costly than a television ad since more kids are looking for entertainment online. I didn’t see any products in this particular vine below made by Jessica, but maybe that’s because I was distracted.

I assume this Vine was for a flooring company. Just a guess.

But what’s more interesting is the point that some have to bail on our thrifty school system because you can actually make way more money twerking on camera. Let me just rub my temples for a moment. The question is what if teachers from when we were growing up weren’t around to help us when were kids. Even moreso, I’m glad I never had to witness Mrs. Stamp twerk on the internet. Brings a shiver to the spine.

Either way, I think our country has finally reached a crossroads, folks. Do we say make that money or face palm instead. Regardless of your view, it’s certainly a sign of the times.

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source: Daily Mail