Jesse Ventura: Not A Scumbag (For The Reasons You Think)

Ian-Fortey by Ian-Fortey on Jul. 30, 2014

Yesterday Jesse Ventura won a defamation lawsuit against the estate of a dead American hero, sniper Chris Kyle who is said to have taken out more terrorists and insurgents than any other soldier out there.  The man also claimed in a book that Ventura had said the SEALS, of which Kyle was a member, deserved to “lose a few guys” and that Kyle punched him out for it.  A jury just said that never happened, and the burden of proof for them to make that conclusion is intense.  In so many words, Ventura’s lawyer had to prove to that jury that there was literally no way on earth that altercation took place.  And that’s what happened.  So, effectively, you can state that Kyle lied in his book and Ventura, a Naval officer himself who served during Vietnam for 6 years but didn’t see active duty, never suggested SEALS deserved to lose a few. 

And today Jesse Ventura is the most hated man in America.

Does this look like a scumbag to you?

The hate stems from the fact that Kyle was murdered in February of 2013 and Ventura opted to substitute the man’s wife into the lawsuit as dependent, arguing it would be unjust for his estate to be further enriched by Kyle’s lie.  And here is where Ventura the scumbag starts to come into play but maybe won’t.  The problem is, it’s still very early.

No one likes the idea that super marksman SEAL Chris Kyle, the greatest sniper in our military history, was a liar.  But this trial has legally proven he was.  There were enough witnesses who came forward and said that this event never occurred to convince a jury that Kyle lied.  So guess what?  The hero had flaws, just like everyone.  We like our stories to have black and white characters, very one dimensional and easy to understand.  It’s hard to reconcile the idea of a war hero also maybe being an asshole.  But look at it this way – Jesse Ventura was a very progressive politician who arguably did some good for Minnesota and voiced a number of controversial yet admirable positions on everything from gay marriage to water boarding, and it looks like he’s an asshole, too.  If you’re a teen girl who needs an analogy, just think of how dreamy Justin Bieber is and how he does all that charity work, yet apparently also likes to drive drunk and piss in mop buckets.  Humans are diverse, you see, and can do both good and bad things.

Pure class.

The fact that Ventura sued the man’s widow is what’s currently killing everyone – what kind of bastard does that?  Well, the kind who was right.  If he’d dropped the suit, then in time there would have been lingering doubt until it faded away and it would become, one day, and obscure “fact” that Jesse Ventura did this thing.  But if it was a lie, and turns out it was, then he had every right to set the record straight and the fact that Kyle died sucks hard for any number of reasons, but shouldn’t be held against Jesse Ventura.  If someone accuses you of being a pedophile, are you just going to accept that crap if your accuser happens to die a year later?  Oh well, he’s dead now, guess I have to start hanging out in parks in a long coat.  Hell no.

Ventura had every right and should have, even needed to, continue this lawsuit.  And now that he won, he doesn’t need to collect a dime and that’s where we’ll decide what kind of scumbag he is.  He started this lawsuit because the accusations hurt his image and his career, they made him look like (go on, guess…) a scumbag.  Now he has proven in a court of law he was not the scumbag Chris Kyle said he was and he’s standing on the precipice of inheriting nearly $2 million from the dead man’s family.  This is the time when Jesse the Body can man up and state publicly he’s vindicated, he’s a Navy man who would never speak ill of his fellow soldiers, and he’s declining any enrichment at a cost to this man’s family, who did not wrong him.  Chris Kyle told a lie, for whatever reason, and now that lie has been publicly corrected. And now we can find out if Jesse Ventura is a scumbag, if he takes that money or not.  But until then, he’s not the scumbag everyone thinks he is.  He’s a guy who did the right thing, and something any one of us would do in the same situation.

Of course if you want to get into him being a 9/11 Truther and his conspiracy theories, well, that's another let's all get back to hating Donald Trump, like normal people.

Nick717 User

And Ventura isn't a lier?  He was never a SEAL, he went through BUD/S and went to UDT12 in Subic Bay, Philippines.  He was an enlisted man and never went to Vietnam.                                                                                                                                                               

busy-monster User

Surprisingly thoughtful article, good on you.  If Ventura declines the money, we'll know the cut of his jib.

I hope he does, but... a man like him... I doubt it, honestly.

lawlessness User

I don't know why the media keeps telling us that Ventura is hated. I love him. My friend's love him. Everyone I talk to loves him. It's the media that hates him. So, now I have to ask, who is in charge of the media, and why would that person or entity hate Ventura?

Hys User

Dear Break,

Stop with the political posts.


The World

MikeCabral User

What a coward he couldnt try something when Chris Kyle was alive. You sure must be the skum of all skumbags.

darkangel247 User

You should change the title of this article break admin, to state that someones the most hated man in America, when thats just the writers opinion isnt the smartest thing to do to a guy who just won a defamation lawsuit. This is clearly someone trying to make others feel the same way he does and theres already enough hate in the world o why try to add to it? Please stop putting slander articles on your website.....your better than that aren't you? 

Luciano-Zelaschi-896 User

theres audio of Chris's interview on Opie and Anthony explaining what happened in the bar

MikeArthur1 User

Break should stop posting about politics. You run a website that consists of interesting videos of cool and or dumb crap. You have literally zero credibility. If you could not interject your political views on your otherwise pleasant site that would be great. I find myself visiting less and less every time you guys post one of these "mock" journalism articles.


Ventura is irrelevant and lives in Mexico now.  No one cares about Ventura, so I highly doubt he is the "most hated".

Dab-Naggit-872 User

Another shitty BS article from break and nearly a personal low for Fortey. "Most hated man in America"?!! Who are you getting your "facts" from, the Iron Sheik?

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

Ventura should go for the money Kyle's lies helped earn by the sales of the book and there is no way to make Ventura look like a scumbag for that. Dead or not he profited from lies.

monkeyboy-177 User

It's the principle of the thing, deep down inside you'd do the same thing, but you won't admit it, at he least he stands up for his beliefs - GO Jesse

mestizolove User

Jesse Ventura is a true patriot. He did the right thing,, i hope he takes the money. Chris Kyle is the lying scumbag.

libra8 User

Didn't Ventura confront Kyle about the story before he was killed? He had an opportunity to correct it.

BlankTitanic User

He's not hated at all in my book. Ventura is a true American hero. Not a sheep like Kyle was.

Obiwayne66 User

The real reason he is hated is because of his strong opinions on political issues. He is one of a very few that actually talks about things that people dont want to hear but need to. 

Shane-Carter-609 User

chris shouldn't have lied in his damn book.  Problem resolved before it ever started.

ObamasPubes User

Lol... Whoever wrote this, I think the view is still trying to fill some seats.

jclv User

Weather he's a scumbag or not depends on whether or not he accepts the money and what he does with it.

mascoma User

That's why they are called " Theories " 

COHockey User

Some conspiracy theories are not just theories...... if you believe otherwise you are nothing but a sheep. 

tuckcp53 User

Is he less hated than the Phelps family?

retssgusa User

Jesse didn't get the full jury to go along with him, he only managed eight of the twelve. Half of the witnesses said it happened and the other said it didn't so nothing was proven at all! If he didn't say it and is honorable then let him refuse the  money since he was "vindicated". He's a scumbag so he won't, and he's been a scumbag for a very long time! At least you could provide all of the facts.

jcx1979 User

The most hated man in America???
It's not like the American public to hysterically over-react to something, under the banner of 'patriotism',  without even knowing half the relevant information ............

thedemonizer User



lordtoad User

@jcx1979 Over-reacting? Yeah. 

Most hated man in America? No. 

Big Ass Douche? Hell Yes!

Jon-Holden-590 User

@BlankTitanic @Obiwayne66

No, he's an old fool who rambles about government conspiracies.

Plenty of politicians have strong opinions, not many are dumb enough to believe America knew about the WTC attacks and allowed them to happen.

He's a tool, and the fact that there are idiots out there who believe the nonsense this moron spews truly baffles me...