You Can Blame Jerry Seinfeld For Hugh Jackman’s Decision To Leave Wolverine

Jerry Seinfeld is having quite the week. First his comments regarding how college campus venues create an unsuitable environment for stand-up comedy because students are too PC nowadays and now Jackman is telling the press Jerry Seinfeld is the reason why he’s leaving his iconic Wolverine character after 17 years. Not that there’s anything wrong with that because Jerry’s words of advice have clearly worked well for him, so why not Jackman and the biggest role of his career.

Here’s the clip of Jackman explaining why it’s good to leave on a high note before the audience dries out.

Days of Future Past was easily one of the better “Wolverine movies” to come since he began playing the character in 2000, so maybe Seinfeld is right. And maybe Seinfeld also saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine the night before and cringed at the thought of Jackman doing another one of those again. But then again I’m sure some fans would rather see a bad Wolverine movie than more Hugh Jackman musicals.