Jerry Rice Admits To Cheating By Making His Hands Sticky

Professional sports has some major trust issues with its fans whether its the all-time home run hitter admitting to steroid use or a seven-time cycling champion swapping out his blood to avoid getting caught like he’s some foreign import at a Jiffy Lube. There just doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. The latest comes from legendary San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice who admitted to using a sticky substance on his gloves to help him catch footballs. 

Rice said in an interview with ESPN for a feature called “The Evolution of Gloves” that he put “Stickum” on his gloves, even though he knew “this might be a little illegal.” Actually, it’s very illegal. The NFL outlawed the stuff for use in games as ESPN host Jim Trotter explained further in the video, which led to the use of gloves by football players. Someone posted the moment on Vine so we could also enjoy it or wince at it for those of us who remember and admired Rice’s skills. 

The revelation couldn’t come at a worse time for Rice. Just a few days before the Super Bowl, Rice spoke to sports commentator Jim Rome about the New England Patriots’ “Deflategate” controversy and took a pretty hard stance against the team calling the practice “cheating because you have an edge up on your opponent.” This not only means that we may have to put an asterisk next to Rice’s name in the record books but also Rashon “Hot Hands” Hannon from Little Giants.

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source: Pro Football Talk