“Rent is Too Damn High” Guy Jerry McMillan Is Getting Evicted

The man who made the phrase “The Rent is Too Damn High” a cause for hilarious change during a failed political run is now learning what the phrase “ironic twist of fate” means now that he’s being thrown out of his apartment.

Jimmy “The Rent is Too Damn High Guy” McMillian received an eviction notice from his landlord for an apartment he pays for in the East Village at a rather modest price for the Big Apple’s standards. McMillian has been embroiled with a legal battle over that apartment for which he pays $872 a month and the landlord fired a major shot off the port bow by giving McMillian until Feb. 5th to move out or the City Marshal’s Office would do it for him. McMillian filed his own countersuit in Brooklyn Federal Court asking for an injunction and $1.3 million in monetary damages, which should cover the cost of another apartment in NYC for, ohhhh, about a week and a half.

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McMillian’s landlord claims that McMillan doesn’t actually live in his East Village apartment and spends most of his time in his other apartment in Brooklyn. That may sound a tad hypocritical but what better way to experience soul crushing debt than by having not one, but two New York apartments.

Plus, $872 per month doesn’t sound “too damn high.” Rent in Brooklyn actually rose by more than 10-percent in a single year. Not only is McMillian’s second apartment rent controlled but it’s almost highway robbery since the average monthly price for an apartment in Brooklyn is more than $2,600! If anything, his rent is too damn low. I guess that’s too damn bad.

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source: NY Daily News