The Internet Just Turned This Convicted Felon Into A Sex Symbol

Police describe Jeremy Meeks as “one of the most violent criminals” in Stockton, CA. But now, thanks to the power of social media, he’s also an international sex symbol.

Way to go, Internet!

Meeks, a convicted felon, was arrested on Wednesday and is being held on $900,000 bail for illegally possessing firearms and ammo, carrying a loaded firearm in public, and criminal street gang activity. Normally, that type of behavior wouldn’t garner much good will from strangers. But after his mug shot was placed on the Stockton, CA, Facebook page, it didn’t take long for sad, lonely women (and probably some sad, lonely homosexual men) to notice. After all, nothing is sexier than a rap sheet and a neck tat.

By Friday, the photo had received close to 80,000 likes, 10,000 shares, and had spawned numerous hashtags on Twitter, including #FreeJeremyMeeks. It had also spawned numerous photoshops, both supporting Meeks and mocking him, many of which you can see below. In an attempt to capitalize on the publicity, Meeks’ mother has set up a webpage soliciting donations for her son’s legal defense

While thousands of women were impressed by Meeks’ good looks, this is by far the best comment I came across.

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It’s worth noting that a person who gets a teardrop tattoo is usually trying to tell the world he’s a murderer, which makes @jezzzz_ comment extra, extra funny.


Seriously, who trolls mug shots looking for sexy photos? The internet is teeming with pornography, but some people are getting off on the Stockton, CA, police blotter. Besides, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Then again, I’ve never been a big fan of bald guys, tattoos, or cock, so maybe I’m not the best person to judge.

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