The “Hot Convict” Is Going To Jail

Jeremy Meeks set the Internet’s collective loins on fire with his model-grade criminal mugshot. The criminal side of his criminal mugshot finally caught up with him when a judge decided to lock him up in prison.

Meeks received a 27-month prison sentence on a felony charge of unlawful possession of a firearm in connection with his arrest in June of 2014. He’ll serve his term in a federal prison. Police originally picked up Meeks on a total of five weapons charges and a gang-related charge in Stockton, California. Police in Stockton issued a search warrant at his home and when they arrested him, they found a gun, ammunition and a small amount of marijuana in his car. According to police reports, they also found “a warm, fine man whose eyes you could just get lost in forever.” 

Of course, this won’t be his first time in prison. Meeks has a long rap sheet that includes charges and convictions related to identity theft and grand theft. However, his adorable, heart melting mugshot turned him into a fetching piece of eye candy for the Internet and even earned him talks with a modeling agency. Now that he’s headed to prison, we’re sure that he wishes he wasn’t so darn handsome.