Jenny Slate: Obviously Sexy



Jenny Slate is an American comedian and actress, and a hot one at that. The thirty-three year old is best known for her role as Donna Stern in Obvious Child. Then there was also her stint on SNL which we hear is a pretty popular show. She also created the animated series of short films entitled Marcel the Shell With Shoes On so you just know she’s awesome.

When Jenny made her debut on SNL she played a biker chick that was going back and forth about using the real F word vs “fricken”, and at one point on live television let the real version of the F word fly. Whoops. It was of course edited out of the west coast version but her slip up made it t air on the east coast.

Okay, Where Can I See Jenny Slate Nude?

Well back in 2003 she did a bit on the Chappelle show where her nipples were covered but her boobs were still out.

But she really stripped down for the first time in 2014’s FX series Married, followed by House of Lies in 2015. Check out some shots from Married here.

On her Married nude scenes with Paul Reiser:

“I play a reformed party girl trying to live her life as a wife and mother. We don’t have a sex scene, but we do have a scene where I have to be a little naked. I’ve never really done that before. I literally had a triangle over my pussy and that was it, and then a strapless bra thing that sticks on the front of your boobs. But Paul was a gentleman, and I tried not to act nervous, so everything was cool.”

As for the nudity in House of Lies, those photos can be peeped here.


Anywhere Else?

Well Jenny stripped down to her underwear for Digging For Fire and Obvious Child.

Obvious Child takes an honest look at the choices made around abortions, but it’s still funny. For real. Here is the trailer for that.


Recently she donned a caution tape bikini for a deleted scene from Girls. Deleted but hot. And interesting.

How About Sexy Photo Shoots of Jenny Slate?

Do you think ice cream is sexy?


What about the way she flashes these Sesame Street characters? So scandalous.


What About Candid Shots?

How about Jenny drinking beer in a bikini?

How Does Jenny Slate Look On the Red Carpet?

So cute of course!




Does Her Sense of Humor Get a Little Raunchy?


Well yes, it certainly can. especially if you are interested in the bathroom type variety of raunchy humor.

Here is what she has to say about farts.

“Fart humor is my bread and butter. It’s my specialty. I mean, I’m a living human—I have farts coming out of me all the time. But I’m pretty good about going into another room and holding my butt cheeks open so that no one can hear my fart and then fanning it. I know how to fart in public. I’m not an idiot.”

And sometimes more than farts.

“I once shit my pants when my husband and I were doing table assignments for our wedding. He was like, ‘Is this because you’re nervous?’ I was like, ‘I really don’t know.’ Then a week later, at exactly the same time, I was sitting down in the kitchen and shit myself again. I was like, ‘I think I’m dying. I don’t understand.’ But I haven’t shit my pants in 2014.”

What Was that About the Shell Thing?

Oh, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On? Jenny created the concept with Dean Fleischer-Camp. Basically the shorts are of the stop motion animated style, and show a question and answer segment with a shell named Marcel. Sounds weird we know, but seriously it’s pretty genius. See for yourself.

Jenny has also done her Marcel voice on talk shows to be hilarious. Here she is singing “Landslide” on Conan in the shells little voice.

Interesting. What Else Does She Do?

Hmm well, she’s not opposed to a bit of marijuana use? Jenny Slate was the first guest on Doug Benson’s webseries “Getting Doug With High”.