Jennifer Lopez: Fly Girl Turned Superstar

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Jennifer (JLo ) Lopez’s love life has been the subject of widespread media attention since she first found worldwide fame playing slain Latina singer, Selena, in the 1997 biopic of the same name.  Right before the film came out on February 22, 1997, Jennifer married Cuban-born Ojani Noa who she met while he was a waiter at a Miami restaurant.  Even though they were divorced by January 1998, they still maintain a relationship…in the legal court system.  In November 2009, JLo filed a $10 million lawsuit against Noa claiming that his plans to release a movie called "How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The JLo and Ojani Noa Story," in addition to purported sex tape footage, is a violation of their confidentiality agreement.  To this day, this lawsuit is still ongoing.

JLo and Ojani Noa in happier times on their wedding day in 1997:


According to Noa there is.  In the 2009 lawsuit, Jennifer claims Noa intends to market more than "11 hours of previously unseen home video footage of Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa."  This includes a film project about Noa's escape from Cuba and his subsequent life.  JLo claims she was informed that there was also various video of her almost naked and in sexual situations, mostly from their honeymoon.  

JLo’s lawyer maintains that distribution of any video violates the non-disclosure agreement Noa signed in addition to receiving $125,000 to settle a breach of contract with JLo in October 2005. Noa had sued JLo for firing him from his job as a manager at her Pasadena restaurant.  In response to Jenny from the block’s lawsuit, in December 2009, a judge issued a preliminary injunction against Noa and Ed Meyer, Noa’s manager and executive producer on the film project blocking their ability to distribute the footage.  In response, Noa and Meyer said they planned to file a cross-complaint against Jennifer.

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Back in court on November 17, 2010, Meyer said in a court document that he and Noa are not planning to use any nudity or sex shots in their film because they want to make a G-rated film about the marriage.  What they want is the right to use Noa’s footage as they choose since it was shot with JLo’s consent and her behavior was very public.  Meyer said they even had video footage of JLo exposing her genitals in public while riding a scooter in Cuba.  JLo’s position is that  the video footage is private and personal and never intended for public viewing.  

The 2009 lawsuit isn’t the first one that Jennifer brought against Noa.  In April 2006, JLo filed the first lawsuit against ex-husband #1 claiming that he violated the confidentiality agreement by planning on shopping around a tell-all book he wrote about her.  According to court documents, Noa says in the book that Jennifer cheated on him with multiple affairs including Marc Anthony.  JLo’s lawsuit alleges that Noa wanted $5 million dollars in return for not publishing the book.  Ultimately, a judge ruled in Jennifer’s favor and issued a permanent injunction barring Noa from publishing negative, denigrating or disparaging details about Lopez in addition to issuing a $545,000 arbitration award to Jennifer.  Noa was also ordered to give his ex-wife copies of all materials relating to the book.


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Since the 2009 injunction blocked Noa from distributing the JLo video footage, he sold it to someone else so they could.  In June of 2011, Noa used a legal loophole and sold the video to his partner/producer and girlfriend, Claudia Vazquez, for a $1 so she could turn the footage into a movie.  Lopez's legal team quickly moved to fight back but a Los Angeles judge ruled that Vasquez was allowed to turn the video footage into a movie. 

Rumors that there was video footage of Jennifer naked spurred several porn sites to contact Vasquez but before a deal could be finalized, JLo’s lawyers got a restraining order against Vasquez.  A judge temporarily ruled that the video couldn't be released without Jennifer's permission as the judge felt Vasquez’s motives were “sinister.”  Vasquez responded by filing a $10 million lawsuit against Jennifer claiming JLo is interfering with her motion picture contract with Noa and Meyer due to a personal vendetta.

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Meanwhile, Noa made the rounds of Spanish TV talk shows saying he's not using JLo to stay in the spotlight or become famous like her lawyers are claiming.  He defended himself claiming that he was earning a good salary as a model and actor when he and Jennifer met and he even had to support her.  After her career took off, Noa said he became her bodyguard and trainer and put his own career on hold.   "I'm not that horrible guy," Noa said, "I just wanted to get my life and story out there and for whatever reason people have judged me and misinterpreted my life.”

For now, the JLo and Noa battle rages on…  


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When doing a web search, you’ll find results for Jennifer Lopez sex videos but it’s not that Jennifer Lopez.  Other search results will lead you to photoshopped pictures of Jennifer’s head on a nude woman’s body.  Jennifer has never posed for a nude pictorial so any pictures you find are fakes.

Although JLo doesn’t want the public to see Noa’s video footage, she doesn’t mind giving people a peek:


But this time the pictures in question are not of her. 

In January 2014, a man named Rodrigo Ruiz filed a lawsuit against Jennifer claiming that in 2008, she asked him to send her naked pictures of himself and his demo CDs.  Ruiz said Jennifer sought him out and sent him letters via the U.S. mail saying she was interested in him and asked that he send pictures of himself both with and without clothes. Ruiz alleges that after he sent the pictures, he never heard from Jennifer and became so depressed that he had to go to therapy. He’s also filed a police report claiming sexual harassment against the singer.  Entertainment news website TMZ traced the letters to a P.O. Box owned by a 53-year-old woman and when they contacted her by phone, she claims to operate a Jennifer Lopez fan mail service.  Jennifer’s representatives dismissed this latest lawsuit against JLo as “a desperate attempt for notoriety.”

And you thought JLo’s biggest problems were figuring out who to vote off "American Idol" and keeping her ex-husbands straight.