Jennifer Lopez’s New Album Cover Reminds Us Why We Like Butts So Much

Yep, that’s…that’s not bad. Hard to believe that’s a 45-year old butt.

Sure, we’ve seen Jennifer Lopez show off her butt a million times before, so really what’s the harm in highlighting it one more time, especially since she’s going through the trouble of showing it off for us on the cover of her new single Booty.

The music video for the song also shows off Lopez putting her butt to work as she tries to follow the twerk trend. Overall, the song is atrocious but there are some images worth noting like this one for instance.

[[contentId: 2747344| | style: height:352px; width:512px]]

This move is called the “Knuckle Deep”.

If that image at all sold you (and why shouldn’t it), here’s the teaser for the music video, which is luckily only 60 seconds long. You also have the option to watch it on mute, which I highly recommend. Otherwise, it’s not too bad of a way to spend a minute of your time.

[[contentId: 2747345| ]]

Your move, Miley.

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