Jennifer Lawrence Got A Tattoo, But The Artist Really Screwed It Up

There’s a stereotype known around the world that if you’re beautiful and famous, you’re also not very smart. It sounds like an easy way for less famous or more self-conscious people to bring them down a peg or two so they don’t feel so alone in the world. They may not have to do that with someone like Jennifer Lawrence after she showed off a tattoo she got while filming the last Hunger Games movie.

Lawrence has been doing a ton of press at the San Diego Comic-Con and she admitted to the embarrassing tattoo to reporters while walking down the red carpet or what appears to be a bronze striped carpet. She has an “H20” tattoo somewhere on her body (we’re not telling because we live to tease you) that she got with her “Hunger Games” co-star Liam Hemsworth and his family. The problem is that it’s not a factually accurate tattoo. The “2” in the “H20” is above the “H” and the “O.” So instead of having a tattoo of the chemical formula for water, she has a tattoo of an algebraic equation where “H” doesn’t technically equal a number. Just ask Siri.

Fortunately, the tattoo she got was made to look like a scar instead of permanent ink and it’s small so it’s hard to notice. She admits that it was a mistake and can joke about it now, even though it’s now a permanent part of her. Of course, it’s not going to help her overcome that whole ditzy blonde stereotype. It’s like having the script for “The Beaver” permanently tattooed on your arm.