J. Law Was All Smiles During Her Nip-Slip At The ‘Hunger Games’ Premiere

“Hey, uh, Jennifer, uh, your…uh…nevermind. Britain!”

It’s one thing to take personal nude selfies of yourself only to have your phone hacked and have said photos spread all over the internet. But it’s another to wear a low cut top with your nipples hanging out when sitting at a particular angle. It’s also another if Lorde is there to keep an eye on them.

Last night at the Hunger Games: Mockingjay premiere, the two stars hit the red carpet. Jennifer Lawrence and Lorde were also there. Unfortunately for Lawrence, her nipples seemed to outshine her down-to-earth image this time around as paparazzi noticed Lawrence had either been shoplifting at the Back To School section or her nipples were obviously in plain view.

In all fairness, if I was wearing a paper towel, I’d let a few things slip out too. Lorde of course dressed in all black didn’t have anything to worry about. The weird thing is usually the “Good Witch” isn’t the one to first show off her nipples.

The two then presumably had a laugh about how they’re both millionaires under the age of 25 and drove off.

I’m no PR manager, but I’d say it’s time for Lawrence to close up shop for a while. What do you guys think?

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source: Gawker