Do You Have That One Thing Jennifer Lawrence Looks For In A Boyfriend?

Recently in an interview with Vanity Fair, Jennifer Lawrence revealed the one thing she looks for in a guy. And it has nothing to do with their career, workout routine or even their style. Actually, any of those would be better than her desire to want a man to love the same terrible reality television shows as she does.

That’s right, the road to Lawrence’s heart is awful TV. Personally, I don’t know if I could handle such a request. Bad movies can be one thing, but reality TV is on a whole other level of soul-draining things you have to put up with in a relationship that most guys probably can’t handle. Which maybe that’s the point, to weed out potential suitors.

In the interview, Lawrence goes on to name Hoarders, Real Housewives of (name a city) and Shark Tank as her favorites but the list didn’t end there. She also named Dance Moms as possibly her ultimate favorite along with Doomsday Preppers, a show I hadn’t even heard of before now.

Dance Moms speaks to only the saddest of men who think they have a shot.

I guess it makes sense that the “quirky” Oscar Winner would love such bad television to such a terrible degree, but let’s hope that’s just her age talking. She is only 24 afterall and probably (hopefully) hasn’t matured yet to like other more thought provoking shows like, I dunno, Cosmos? In that case, maybe we can’t fault her too much.

So would you stomach this much reality television, not to mention the conversations that she’ll want to have regarding said shows afterwards? Or would about 3 minutes be about all you could muster.

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source: Uproxx