Nude Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, And Everyone Else Have Leaked

Today has been a very good day for perverts, and a very bad day for sexy female celebrities.

Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, and a whole host of famous women (full list here) have fallen victim to a hacker who is releasing their private, nude photos.

Normally I’d bitch about having to work on a three-day weekend, but given the extraordinary circumstances, I’ll refrain.

(See Kirsten Dunst’s hilarious response to her hacked nude photos.)

The pics appeared on 4Chan earlier today, and were supposedly stolen during a massive iCloud breach, although Apple has not yet commented on the matter.

In case you’re wondering why the photos aren’t posted below, it’s because reps for Jennifer Lawrence are already threatening anyone who publishes them with legal action (but some people on Reddit don’t seem to care, and are still posting). If nothing else, this would seem to indicate the pics, at least in Lawrence’s case, are real.

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead also confirmed that her photos are real, and claims to have contacted the authorities regarding the matter. I’m sure the police are currently hard at work combing through the photos for clues.

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I already felt bad about myself, Mary. But looking at your breasts certainly isn’t going to make me feel any worse (or any better, for that matter).

However, Victoria Justice has publicly stated the photos of her are fakes.

Now, on to the matter of Kate Upton. They look very real, and they look very spectacular. The down side is you also have to look at MLB star Justin Verlander’s ass. But it’s a small price to pay.

Upton’s photos were initially on Imgur and Reddit, but have since been pulled. 

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By the way, as a commenter on Facebook pointed out, this song needs to be amended to include, rather than exclude, Jennifer Lawrence.