Florida’s Most Brilliant Thief Ever Tried To Cash This Check For $368 Billion

Someone needs to buy the right’s to this man’s story because this whole check thing is just the tip of the iceberg. Florida’s Jeff Waters strolled into a bank with a check made out to him for $368 billion dollars looking to have a little spending money in his pocket. Unfortunately both he and the check looked insane, peaking the tellers curiosity. Authorities were eventually called and Waters explained that he had purchased a blank check, the check he had on him which he forged toward himself for the ridiculous amount, from a homeless friend of his for $100. The homeless friend, named Tito, told old Jeff that he could write however much he’d like on the check and to rest assure that the money would be his. And that’s exactly what Jeff did.

But it wasn’t Jeff’s actions or sad gullibility about billions of dollars entering his life that brings a close to his tale. It’s what Jeff had planned on doing with the money that makes Jeff’s actions even more amazing.

“I’m 10% Italian. Cooking authentic Italian food is in my blood. I had planned to make the restaurant 80 million square feet and able to accommodated [sic] 30 million eaters at once, plus it was gonna be totally underwater so people could look at sharks while they ate. But the bank wouldn’t give me my money they owed me.”

Now THAT is one helluva restaurant idea. But it gets even better! Bath salts were found in Jeff’s pockets after police searched him (which isn’t all that surprising) but also chinese throwing stars were found on Jeff that day because you can’t have too many throwing stars when going to the bank. Jeff, you amazing bastard.

Jeff was then arrested and charged with forgery on the blank check as well as carrying the chinese throwing stars. Regardless of his criminal record, Jeff is a superstar in our book. Now will someone please fund this man’s restaurant idea–I’d certainly like to dine underwater while sharks swam around me.

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source: Inquisitr