Jeff Goldblum Has Confirmed He Will Battle Aliens In ‘Independence Day 2’

There are actors that are known for their iconic roles and then there are actors that have completely risen above their movies, almost becoming more than what their work represents. William Shatner, Christopher Walken, Adam West and, of course, Jeff Goldblum. Goldblum is mainly associated with Jurassic Park, but there was another blockbuster 90’s he wasn’t merely a supporting actor in; f*cking Indepedence Day. Leading the ensemble cast, Goldblum was essentially the hero of the movie aside from Will Smith being the popular actor of that time, and becoming the poster boy for the film. But it was Goldblum that did all of the hard work from stop to finish. And the question has remained since 1996, will Goldblum return for an Independence Day 2?

Well it has been confirmed that Goldblum is nowhere near done kicking some alien ass.

That’s right, he’s returning to the franchise and once again, he won’t be alone to help fight the good fight. Liam Hemsworth has also signed on to join the cast, which pales in comparison to the news of Goldblum returning. Let’s hope that Hemsworth isn’t the only other name they have to go head to head with Goldblum. Actor Jessie Usher has signed on to play Will Smith’s son and it’s been reported that Will Smith doesn’t plan on returning. Seriously, is Goldblum going to be the only good actor in this thing?? For pete’s sakes, did everyone lose Bill Pullman’s phone number.

For my money, I’m more than okay with not seeing Will Smith act sassy toward aliens this time around and would much prefer Goldblum and Pullman taking this one on all on their own. Okay okay, Randy Quaid, your crazy ass is invited too. You would actually bring method acting to the role this time.

No filming dates have been set, with a release date still up in the air.

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