Jeff Goldblum Wins The Internet With His ‘Jurassic Park’ Wedding Photo

Jeff Goldblum might be one of the greatest pop culture icons we have today, not counting Bill Murray of course. And this Jurassic Park themed picture from not his wedding, but the wedding of his two friends Pamela & Jesse Sargent, proves this fact tenfold. The man is awesome, plain and simple.

I literally just made his wedding photo my computer wallpaper. It’s so awesome. Wedding photographer, Adam Biesenthal was the mastermind behind this shot, so he gets as much kudos as Goldblum for participating in the fun.

What’s funny is the whole bridal-party-running-from-a-giganitic-something-or-other has been done before so many times, but let’s face it, Goldblum has just put an end to that trend because it will never get better than this. Ever. That is unless you have Goldblum in attendance.

Personally, I think they should’ve upped the ante by doing another one where he’s running from the Independence Day mothership, but maybe that’s just me being too hopeful.

Here’s a close up of Goldblum’s face which says “I’ve survived this before. No big deal. Follow me.”

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Welp, that’s as good as the internet will get today! You can all go home now.

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source: Huffington Post